Weekly Report -11/26/2017-

Thanksgiving weekend is almost over as we get ready to welcome the last month of 2017. Like any other year, one could hear the uproar of Black Friday since October and how some of us will go an splunge their money at the epic sales. However, unlike the past, most people buy their stuff online, including me, because let’s be honest going to the mall when it’s too crowded is not fun, plus Amazon even gift-wraps your presents if needed. Online shopping is simply too convenient.

Nonetheless, there are somethings that you are more inclined to buy at brick and mortar stores rather than online. You may order some Converse or Vans online, but you would most likely not do the same for some high-end pair of boots or heels. Nothing is perfect, so it’s okay to have the option of two kinds of shopping experiences.

Furthermore, this year Adobe projects an increase of 18% in sales and data shows that strongly supports their projection as since Friday night sales have risen 16% this year, and with the weeknd left, it is quite possible to reach or even surpass their projection.

However, what increased this year the greatest (percentage-wise) was not sales but mobile shopping as 46% of consumers were buying from their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Even Amazon was astonished as its mobiles sales increaded more than 50%. If this trend continues, it may seem that most people would not even bother to sit in front of a computer in order to shop.

Moreover, the top three categories that account for more than half of total sales still continue to be clothing video games, and laptops, which is not surprising as they tend to be the most expensive categories in the list. In contrast to popular belief, TV sales only account for less than 15% of total sales.

In the end, this Black Friday weekend is expected to break all sorts of record, and with a boost from Cyber Monday (Don’t forget that this is the only Monday of the year people are expected to like), retail sales would most likely be strong on this quarter. Furthermore, as more people are buying from their cellphones, one should start to look how to invest in mobile advertising companies.



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