Weekly Post -10/21/2018-

Since I started my MPP, I haven’t had time to write another post due to time constraints. So, I will resume today with short post about a controversial topic, migration. You see, all news outlets are talking about how migrants from Honduras are moving in the thousands from their home nation into Mexico and towards the US. Not all of them are following the lawful procedure of asking first for asylum in Mexico, before deciding to stay or moving up north. Thus, we are left with a group of renegades who may be seem as heart-rending individuals but nonetheless they have decide to forcefully enter a foreign nation, that is they have become invaders.

Their migration is not only of political importance because it may trigger a confrontation between the US and Mexico, but it is also of grand economic importance because they are all economic migrants looking to escape poverty, regardless of them being unlawful invaders.

Trump spoke favorably of Mexico, when it protected its south border. However, virtual president of Mexico, Amlo, is taking quite an humanitarian perspective of this situation, and has officially stated that Mexico will take care of them, they will be not only provided food and shelter but also jobs, which many Mexicans are lacking. His speeches may win the hearts of many, yet also the disdain of others because from an outside perspective what he is promising is nothing but aid for illegal migrants who wish to invade another foreign nation. This makes Mexico a complicit in a crime against its northern neighbor.

Additionally, a nation that is plagued with the problem of work formality promising to help foreigners rather than their own may become the origin of a similar viewpoint of the US president, one that is detrimental for economic growth.

In the end, Mexico is faced with a dilemma between politics and ethics. Its choice will weight greatly upon the near future.



Nada de maltrato a migrantes centroamericanos, pide AMLO; habrá empleo para ellos, asegura